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About SeaPop

Tame the rough seas within.

Years ago I accidentally ruptured my inner ear scuba diving off the California coast and since that day I’ve found myself a bit more susceptible to the adverse effects of motion. Not liking how most of the over-the-counter medications made me feel, I sought out alternatives. In 1945, my grandfather, petty officer third class Glen Claypool, was a landing craft pilot in the South Pacific. Just after his 98th birthday I asked him what he and the soldiers he ferried to the beaches did about sea sickness. He promptly quipped, “Well, you just hung yer’ head over the side and let her go!”

Well, I don’t like to “let her go” so it became my notion to create a tasty, natural, soothing beverage to help tame the rough seas within. With the guidance of an herbalist friend and utilizing the picky palate of my soda-slurping teenage son, we blended ginger with other traditional, stomach-soothing herbs as well as a pinch of cane sugar. We then added some bubbles for sparkle …Voilá! SeaPop was born. SeaPop’s unique flavor profile and subtle sweetness is a taste to behold. In a world saturated with energy drinks, SeaPop is here to help mellow things out.

Ahoy & Enjoy,

  • Les Claypool

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SeaPop Original

Original Ginger-Créme flavor. Hints of ginger beer, vanilla cola and root beer. Lightly sweetened with no preservatives.


Along with hints of ginger beer, vanilla cola and root beer, SeaPop Pep contains the same soothing and calming herbs as SeaPop Original. Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Peppermint are brewed together to create our proprietary botanical blend.

SeaPop Brite



Along with hints of ginger beer, vanilla cola and root beer, SeaPop Brite contains the same soothing and calming herbs as SeaPop Original. Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Peppermint are brewed together to create our proprietary botanical blend.

54% Less Sugar

SeaPop Brite contains 54% less sugar than SeaPop Original with less than 10g of sugar and a hint of Stevia to balance the subtle sweetness on the palate.

SeaPop Pep



Along with hints of ginger beer, vanilla cola and root beer, SeaPop Pep contains the same soothing and calming herbs as SeaPop Original. Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Peppermint are brewed together to create our proprietary botanical blend.

Green Tea

SeaPop Pep contains the addition of green tea. The bioactive compounds in green tea help sharpen brain function, burn fat and adds another element of antioxidant to the already health conscious mixture.

Functionl Beverage

Each can of SeaPop contains the following functional elements known for various health benefits.


SeaPop contains chamomile, an herb that comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteracae plant family. Loaded with antioxidants, it has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a variety of health conditions including gastrointestinal disorders.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm plays a role in optimizing immune health, digestive health and providing a sense of balance for the nervous system. In the digestive system, lemon balm has historically been used to calm occasional discomfort associated with indigestion, gas and bloating.


Native to Europe and Asia, peppermint has been used for thousands of years as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever that helps soothe upset stomach and indigestion and is believed to have calming effects on the nervous system as well.

SeaPop Features

The Flavor

Beyond any ginger brew or cola, SeaPop is a whole new bubbly beverage. Like a gingersnap dipped in vanilla ice cream, SeaPop has a unique flavor profile all its own. Yes, it is a ginger based beverage but much like Dr. Pepper emerged onto the scene many decades ago, SeaPop stands alone. Though it hints of ginger beer, vanilla cola and root beer, SeaPop tastes like SeaPop.

The Function

SeaPop falls into the new and ever expanding category of nutraceutical beverages because of the combination of historically soothing and calming herbs that are brewed together to make the fundemental ingredient called the botanical blend. That blend is instrumental in making SeaPop the perfect beverage to drink when feeling any of type of digestive distress. Be it nausea from motion, reflux or just sour stomach, these herbs have been used for centuries for their soothing properties.

The Vision

Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper and 7-Up all started as medicinals and SeaPop was developed with that model in mind. The notion behind the SeaPop flavor profile was to create a beverage that not only serves a particular function, but is also compelling, unique and delicious. In an era where highly sweetened sodas are being roundly villified, SeaPop is made with low levels of organic cane sugar and high quality, exotic health ingredients.

The Concoction

SeaPop is also a spectacular mixer. Having experienced many testimonials first hand as well as through social media, SeaPop has been found to blend well with a number of spirits, including vodka, whiskey and rum-- to name a few. And with SeaPop's inherent properties, it's as if one is soothing the impending hangover prior to receiving it.


Frequently Asked Questions

SeaPop, the world’s first Soothing Soda®, is a tasty beverage designed to help calm the rough seas within. Utilizing ginger, chamomile and a blend of other traditionally calming herbs, SeaPop was developed by ocean-going fellows and herbalists who seek to provide a quality, natural soda that can help take the edge off of the adverse effects of motion, travel and digestive unease.
Not only is SeaPop made with the the finest, natural ingredients available, our Soothing Soda is pasteurized with no preservatives. While most other commercial and boutique sodas use sodium benzoate, SeaPop contains NO SODIUM BENZOATE whatsoever.
SeaPop makes no claim to cure or prevent any type of motion sickness or nausea. SeaPop does however utilize a unique blend of historically soothing herbs to help ease discomfort associated with motion, stress and digestive imbalance.
SeaPop is a bio-neutral beverage, meaning there are no living cultures within. SeaPop provides many similar nutraceutical benefits as kombucha, but utilizes ginger, chamomile and other traditional soothing and historically anti-inflammatory herbs to aid in digestive balance.
SeaPop is currently available at select specialty markets and grocery outlets in Northern California and Hawaii. SeaPop cans will be available for sale through Amazon starting in 2020. Being that SeaPop is a brand new boutique beverage, we are taking small steps to ensure the quality of presentation and distribution of our unique product.

Where to find SeaPop?

The following retail locations carry SeaPop on the shelves.

Oliver's Market Windsor

9230 Old Redwood Hwy
Windsor, CA


Andy's Produce

1691 Gravenstein Hwy N
Sebastopol, CA


Pacific Market #1

550 Gravenstein Hwy N
Sebastopol, CA


Oliver's Market

461 Stony Point Rd
Santa Rosa, CA


Oliver's Market

546 E Cotati Ave
Cotati, CA


Big John's Market

1345 Healdsburg Ave
Healdsburg, CA


Petaluma Market

210 Western Ave
Petaluma, CA


Pacific Market #2

1465 Town & County Dr
Santa Rosa, CA


Oliver's Market

560 Montecito Ctr
Santa Rosa, CA


Fircrest Market

900 Gravenstein Hwy S
Sebastopol, CA


Tides Texaco

900 S Hwy 1
Bodega, CA


Community Market

6762 Sebastopol Ave #100
Sebastopol, CA


Braitos Riviera Foods

9730 State Hwy 281
Kelseyville, CA


Palooza Beer Garden

23584 Arnold Dr
Sonoma, CA


Diekmann's Bay Store

1275 Hwy 1
Bodega Bay, CA


Wilibees Wines & Spirits

700 Third St
Santa Rosa, CA


Community Market

1899 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA


Bartlett's Market

9890 Main St
Monte Rio, CA


Sunshine Foods

1115 Main St
St Helena, CA


Palooza Gastropub

8910 Sonoma Hwy #B
Kenwood, CA


Cotati Market

8285 Old Redwood Hwy
Cotati, CA


Hog Island Oyster Bar

20215 Hwy 1
Marshall, CA


Handy Deli

1815 Irving St
San Francisco, CA


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