My loving husband dragged me, his 8 1/2 months pregnant wife, to the 25th Bay Area NYE Les Claypool and Friends concert at the FOX theatre in Oakland, and all I can say is, Thank god for SeaPop! Not only was this the best tasting nonalcoholic beverage a pregnant lady could drink - it really soothed my tummy from all that horrible music! Primus sucks! ;)

- Erika N


I can now ride as a passenger on Highway 1 between Bodega Bay and Fort Ross.  I was never able to enjoy the view until I drank a Sea Pop to calm my stomach.  Now my wife can drive every time we go!  Thank you!

- Israel Leas, Sacramento, CA

there are so many "energy" drinks in the world but this is the first "anti-energy" drink designed to calm & sooth rather than amp up. The flavor takes me down a memory to an old timey wooden candy store in the Appalachian mountains, where all the candy was made with pure cane sugar and flavored with items from the earth. The candy was made right in front of you by an old man in a funny hat who no child could distract. No idea if that store still exist today....

- Jeremy Marshall – Lagunitas Brew Master


Mal de mer has gotten the best of many a young seafaring lad and fair maiden. This doesn't make you any less of a sailor but alas, there is a tasty solution that serves many purposes---to refresh the headstrong angler while quenching their thirst, while also relieving their motion sickness, thus enabling you to focus on your goal: to vanquish the beasts that lay in wait, looking for a meal. You need not be concerned with the stony lonesome anymore--for Sea Pop has arrived. It also goes great with booze; whiskey to be exact. Your wandering eyes will search no more, throw away that Dramamine and Bonine and crack an ice cold SeaPop. Did I say it really goes great with whiskey as well?

- Dean Ween


My wife and I attended the very first Claypool Cellars Annual Vintage Cars and Wine show in Sebastopol, Ca, and had such a great time, that we had a pachyderm size hangover the next day! (From the bar crawl afterwards of course, not from the World class wine) What saved us? One SeaPop in the morning to regain our sober legs!!

Thank you Colonel!

- Guillaume

Sean Ono Lennon

Living on a tour bus is not unlike living at sea: musicians are shipmates, America is our ocean, and when the riding gets rough we crack the cooler and suck down a few bottles of Sea Pop. There's nothing better than that gingery brew to quiet a queasy sea dog. When there's mutiny in your midsection, or an uprising in your abdomen, this Admiral knows to rely on Sea Pop to put down the rebellion.

- Sean Ono Lennon

Driving through the mountains in West Sonoma County SeaPop brought the smiles back to my kids this Father's day.

Car Sickness Sucks! SeaPop sure doesn’t.

- Chris S.


It tastes soft, almost like the corners have been rounded. I'm a fan.

- Kyle Newacheck

SeaPop saved half our charter yesterday (including 2 little ones) in some rolling swells off of Fort Ross. It was a blessing that Captain Aaron had some of your tasty beverage! I wish I had this when I was in the Navy. We lost 1/2 of the crew due to seasickness going into Cape Horn. This surely would have helped!!

Great product!!!

- Rick S.