Years ago I accidentally ruptured my inner ear scuba diving off the California coast and since that day I’ve found myself a bit more susceptible to the adverse effects of motion. Not liking how most of the over-the-counter medications made me feel, I sought out alternatives. In 1945, my grandfather, petty officer third class Glen Claypool, was a landing craft pilot in the South Pacific. Just after his 98th birthday I asked him what he and the soldiers he ferried to the beaches did about sea sickness. He promptly quipped, “Well, you just hung yer’ head over the side and let her go!”

Well, I don’t like to “let her go” so it became my notion to create a tasty, natural, soothing beverage to help tame the rough seas within. With the guidance of an herbalist friend and utilizing the picky palate of my soda-slurping teenage son, we blended ginger with other traditional, stomach- soothing herbs as well as a pinch of cane sugar. We then added some bubbles for sparkle and (after more test batches than I care to admit)…Voilá! SeaPop was born. Like a ginger-snap dipped in vanilla ice cream, SeaPop’s unique flavor profile and subtle sweetness is a taste to behold. In a world saturated with energy drinks, SeaPop is here to help mellow things out.

Ahoy and enjoy,

Les Claypool

Enjoy SeaPop!
“Like a ginger-snap dipped in vanilla ice cream”

"Be it ocean or air, stormy or fair... and of a grumblin' in yer' belly you're becoming aware..."

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SeaPop Tales

This product genuinely stopped me from barfing in the car.

- Charlotte Kemp Muhl

there are so many "energy" drinks in the world but this is the first "anti-energy" drink designed to calm & sooth rather than amp up. The flavor takes me down a memory to an old timey wooden candy store in the Appalachian mountains, where all the candy was made with pure cane sugar and flavored with items from the earth. The candy was made right in front of you by an old man in a funny hat who no child could distract. No idea if that store still exist today....

- Jeremy Marshall – Lagunitas Brew Master

Mal de mer has gotten the best of many a young seafaring lad and fair maiden. This doesn't make you any less of a sailor but alas, there is a tasty solution that serves many purposes---to refresh the headstrong angler while quenching their thirst, while also relieving their motion sickness, thus enabling you to focus on your goal: to vanquish the beasts that lay in wait, looking for a meal. You need not be concerned with the stony lonesome anymore--for Sea Pop has arrived. It also goes great with booze; whiskey to be exact. Your wandering eyes will search no more, throw away that Dramamine and Bonine and crack an ice cold SeaPop. Did I say it really goes great with whiskey as well?

- Dean Ween